Call Wanting

Call Wanting

Love to pick up your call
but I need time to hang up
on the line that gets in 

the way yes yes - please try
to get that it is hard to block 
the flowing concerts that come 

into me that make me 
overloaded taking the calls 
that take my freedom 

away yes yes - it is hard to tell 
you how it flows for me today 
and every day yes yes - kissing 

the flow that needs to be
with you yes yes - love that 
you get it that makes me 

begin to flow with what goes 
toward the freedom to go 
to the flow that is buzzing 

around the moment yes yes -
please try to go to the flow
that I need to do to validate  

my life yes yes - love that you
try to get me yes yes - please try
to get that the voice is the ground

on the ground of my existence 
yes yes - please get that 
my movements are like the paint

strokes on the canvas that is 
my life yes yes - please get that 
like the hummingbird I am 

trying to stop the fluttering 
at the invisible goings 
to stop to try to take a rest 

rest yes yes