Wednesday, May 25th at 8pm
March 8th, 2022 - Presented by Milkweed Editions & I-ASC
January 19th at 7pm Eastern
Out March 8th, 2022 on Milkweed Editions
Each Tree Teacher Is Dreaming Us Through Please try to kiss the nothing that is dreaming you into this great great great nothing that is reality that is…
Call Wanting Love to pick up your call but I need time to hang up on the line that gets in the way yes yes - please try to get that it is hard to block…
Best Nobody Souldier Love one just yes yes trying to go to the line of the thought of the loving the war that you thought was the thing to kiss yes yes…
Poetry Is Who I Am Yes yes yes I am poet trying to gush out the words. Gushing In words from the universe of words. Just waiting for their time…
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The Kissing Nothing We Become